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Updated 18 December 2004


- Richard Skanse, RollingStone.Com
This hefty chunk of prime Seventies-style, instrumental guitar rock is fuzzier than a pair of plush dice hanging from ZZ Top's rearview mirror. Guilty pleasures don't get much better."  

- Father Time
"Now I gotta say upfront that this bastard kept my song "So Reluctant" from getting to number one, and now I'm movin' up the charts again and guess what - his House of the Rising Sun is still there like cement. So I finally bit my lip and listened, and I gotta say, what I heard was the spirit of rock. If you haven't heard his mega-hit, let me describe it to you.  He basically sings 2 verses straight up, and I'm thinking to myself, "This is what beat my song out ? Give me a break." Then, he pulls a maybe unprecedented move and just solos out the rest of the fuckin' song playin' like a madman. My god, it made me laugh, but I loved it. He sings that part at the beginning, as more or less an excuse to wail like a nut, and then, this unbelievable frenzied guitar just goes on and on and on. Then finally he just ends it, suddenly,  POW. This guy is possessed. Has another version on his page too, called wicked groove which is completely different but great as well.  I'll tell you now I'm proud that this is the fuckin' song that beat me out that time, cause the guy does rock, there ain't no doubt."

"Punishing and thoroughly uninhibited Blues Rock instrumentals featuring an array of gnarly, amp-abusing tones. You've sinned, so listen up."

 - anonymous
 "John Lee Hooker meets Eddie Van Halen; like the Man said, 'I've not heard it on that wise...*Haw-haw-haw-haw*"